Good Morning friends,

I have now officially started my Etiquette training course and also started reading my Debretts Handbook.

One of the first things I am learning is about being confident. When you are confident in your own skin you can adapt to any situation.

Since having my son my life changed dramatically I went from working full time to full time mum. My whole style changed (comfy baggy clothes were now my go-to). My little one is now nearly two and I realised that I felt as though I had lost my identity slightly. My confidence had been wiped and I no longer felt confident in my own skin.

It was time for a change and having always loved the ladylike style and manner I knew I had found the thing I needed to raise me back up. It’s not all about being serious I want to have fun in the process but confidence is my first step. So here are some of the pointers I am being given to practice…

1: Posture and Poise – Stand up straight with shoulders back and the ability to adapt to any situation without showing nerves.

2: Gratitude – Always be grateful and show it by sending thank you notes or sending flowers. Even if someone hasn’t done anything, just because.

3: Comfort Zone – Get out of your comfort zone by trying and doing new things.

4: Elevator Pitch – A sort of script introducing yourself in a confident manner. Write it down and learn it.

5: Conversation – Work on Body Language And Verbal communications.

6: Clothing – Classic styles, Stain removal and garment care.

I have a huge amount to learn. This is just the start. Being a more confident person allows you to carry yourself better giving that air of elegance that is noticeable and desired.

Thanks for reading, see you next time.

Love Charlotte x