Good Morning Lovelies,

For me personally Elegance and Etiquette fit together like two pieces of the same puzzle. One without the other just isn’t the full package which is ultimately what we want is it not?!

Therefore building an elegant and classic wardrobe is vital to building upon good manners, confidence and etiquette. Now of course we don’t all have vast sums of money to go shopping with each month but, we don’t need it. When you pick mainly classic items that all intermingle with each other you will have vast amounts of outfits with very few items. Think mix and match!

Let’s think instead about quality not quantity. Buying the best items that we can afford. The better the quality the longer the item will last. Start small by purchasing one quality item a month. It is even more achievable now with places like eBay were quality items can be purchased at a fraction of the price.

Also check out your local towns there are some second hand clothing shops about which only sell quality brands. I am lucky enough to have a couple near me. You may pay slightly more than places like eBay but at least you can try items on. I recently found a lovely emerald green dress by ‘Toast’ but it wasn’t until I tried it on that I realised that it made me look very busty and was very unflattering… yes I was disappointed but if it doesn’t suit you then it’s a no no.

That brings me to my next point. Your body shape. There is no point in purchasing quality items that do not suit you. So please study your body shape and research the clothing styles that suit you best. Elegance is not achieved with ill fitting clothes. A quality wardrobe isn’t just about the quality of the clothes it is about the quality of the fit.

The aim is to achieve a wardrobe that compliments you regardless of what you decide to wear. Avoiding several outfit changes.

These are really simple tips that unfortunately we as women seem to have lost sight of with the popularity of ‘throw-away’ fashion. By all means include some high fashion items within your wardrobe but pair them with classics. If an item doesn’t suit your body shape then perhaps find something that does that does in this seasons go to colour instead?

Do you have any tips on building a quality wardrobe? Leave me a comment below.

Have a wonderful day.

Love Charlotte x